Grad. Opportunities

A General Word on Graduate Studies

It’s no secret that we are going through a phase in which funding is rather limited.  Sadly this seems to be especially the case for studies of climate change adaptation.  I am still considering applications from prospective graduate students, but for obvious reason applications are especially welcome from students who have their own funding in place.

In addition, applicants for graduate studies need to have (at least) the following qualities:

  1. You must be a decent writer. This means more than just being able to write grammatically correct sentences.  You have to be able to organize and synthesize information and data into a coherent thesis.
  2. Graduate studies demand a measure of independence and the ability to solve problems.  Your supervisors, whether me or someone else, are there to help you, but will also expect you to tackle problems and arrive at some of your own solutions.
  3. You have to want that graduate degree enough to spend at least two and a half years working on a single topic.  This may sound blindingly obvious, but getting to the end of a research project demands a certain fortitude and the ability to keep at it even when you want to throw in the towel.
  4. In ecological and environmental sciences, you need to have a minimum level of statistical literacy, and preferably be familiar with one of the more sophisticated statistical packages such as “R” or “SAS”.  In addition, you should have some experiences designing simple data bases in Excel, Access, or similar programs.
  5. At the university of Winnipeg, you will be expected to teach; it’s part of your funding package.  So I hope you like teaching!

Assisted Migration (AM) Project(s)

I have an opening for a semi-funded masters student for this project (see “Research” page for project details).  A variety of potential projects are possible under the umbrella of AM.  Growth and yield, environmental relations of AM  trees, or investigations fo the ecophysiology of stress tolerance are all possible subjects of study.  Students who have ideas for their own projects to tackle some aspect of AM are also welcome to apply.